Why We Are Different

At Synergy our vision is to be a centre of excellence in outpatient sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation care. We provide high quality one-on-one care with an innovative treatment model to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes. Our rehabilitation protocols are pioneered and created collaboratively by our sports medicine physicians and rehabilitation providers.

Our integrated team-based approach allows our physicians and practitioners to provide specialized and coordinated care. Each team member focuses on delivering their diagnostic and rehabilitative services in their area of expertise to help you achieve your goals. In addition, we use an electronic medical record to facilitate easy communication between all team members.

We work to create a holistic approach to healing that is tailored and individualized. We identify any biomechanical and functional deficits in your body, and we tailor the treatment to your specific injury and condition. Our environment is appealing and conducive to healing.

In addition to working on postural and muscular imbalances to prevent future injuries, we utilize an innovative and novel concept in rehabilitation care involving rehabilitative pilates and yoga instructors to teach stretching and strengthening. We incorporate injury-specific rehabilitation classes to help you bridge the gap to return to sports, exercise, and working out. Our staffis committed to continuing medical education and we foster an environment that is conducive to learning and professional development.