About Us

Synergy is a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic that strives to be a centre of excellence. To that aim we have created strong working relationships between physicians, rehabilitation providers, and yoga/Pilates teachers to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Our rehabilitation protocols are outcomes-oriented and evidence-based.

Whether your goals are fitness, injury rehabilitation, or injury prevention, Synergy has created an innovative treatment approach to provide truly integrated care.

Synergy has a full suite of services to offer, including:

Active Release Techniques (ART)

Chiropody/Foot Care
Electromyography (EMG)*/Nerves Conduction Studies (NCS)*
Pilates for Fitness
Instrument Assisted Myofascial Abrasion Technique (IAMAT)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Personal Training: Strength and Conditioning
Registered Massage Therapy
Rehabilitative Pilates Programs
Sports Medicine Doctors*
Sports Taping
Walk-in for Sports Injuries*

*Services covered by OHIP.
Most services are covered by Extended Health Insurance.

At Synergy you can expect:

  • A team-based integrated approach to treating sports and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Physicians to help diagnose and treat your injury on-site
  • A new and modern facility utilizing electronic medical records for more efficient patient care
  • Innovative treatment approaches including injury-specific small group classes that incorporate yoga/Pilates principles into your rehabilitation program

Our space

At Synergy you'll find a healing environment that's warm and welcoming. We've worked hard to create an inviting space that's complete with high ceilings, wood floors, white walls, and lots of natural light. During the warm weather you can also relax on our patio after a yoga/pilates class or treatment.