Rehabilitation Care for Basketball Players

Synergy is a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic that strives to be an "everything under one roof" provider.  To that aim we have created strong working relationships between physicians, rehabilitation providers, and yoga / pilates teachers to ensure that you, the client, achieve the best possible outcomes. Our rehabilitation protocols are outcomes oriented and evidence based. 

Our services include sports medicine doctors, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, athletic taping, custom bracing and orthotics, ART (active release techniques), and rehabilitative pilates and yoga. 

Whether your goals are fitness, injury rehabilitation, or injury prevention, we have created an innovative treatment approach to provide truly integrated care. 

  • We teach players how to prevent injuries before they start
  • Help prevent existing injuries from becoming chronic or recurring
  • We have sports medicine physicians on-site to diagnose your injury and order investigations if needed
  • We have emergency trauma slots available to facilitate efficient care
  • We work with you to attempt to allow continued play while we treat your injury
  • We have worked with athletes from all walks of life, including professional basketball players
  • We utilize injury specific rehabilitation classes 
  • Our providers have played basketball and have done court-side coverage, and understand the demands of the sport
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