Class Descriptions

Pilates at Synergy is fully integrated into the rehabilitation model of a sports medicine clinic. Our motto at Synergy is "empowering through movement". We involve our patients in their own healing process. Our injury protocols and basic movement pattern protocols were created by Dr. Raza Awan and Riki Richter. Our teachers take part in continuing education programs at Synergy in order to be proficient at dealing with specific injuries and conditions. Classes range in level from beginner to advanced. We have joint specific rehabilitative pilates that can be attended concurrently while receiving physiotherapy treatment, while waiting for surgery or after surgery.


  • Mat I
    Basic movement concepts and exercises are introduced. These classes are the perfect segue out of rehabilitative programs and into a fitness program. They are also perfect for the non-injured student new to Synergy pilates.
    Class is limited to 8 people.
  • Mat II
    More challenging exercises and movement concepts are introduced. Basic movements are integrated into functional activity. Mat I is recommended.
    Class is limited to 8 persons
  • Lunch Time Pilates
    Discover and challenge your "inner athlete", with this fun and energetic approach to the Pilates mat routine. Be amazed by yourself and what you can achieve with regular practice and safe guidance and encouragement.
  • Machine
    This class works with spring resistance designed to increase strength on specialized pilates equipment. Classes utilize three machines: the reformer, the trapeze table, and the wunda chair. A private appointment is required before joining a group machine class. Teachers are proficient in Synergy injury protocols and work as part of the integrated rehabilitation team. These classes are the perfect segue out of rehabilitative programs and into a fitness program. They are also perfect for the non-injured student wanting to attend a challenging class.
    Class limited to 5 people.

  • Renewal Yoga
    Work hard, rest harder! This Renewal Yoga class is hybrid hour comprised of challenging, strengthening vinyasa yoga, followed by gentle stretching and restorative poses. It's the best of both worlds - get your heart rate up and then reward yourself with some mellow, stress-reducing restoration.

Many of Synergy's innovative rehabilitative pilates classes have been developed into programs. A Synergy program has three components: in class exercise, daily home exercise, and a Synergy home exercise booklet. Synergy programs include 8 hours of instruction to ensure proper understanding of repertoire. The classes in the programs are on a four class rotation to ensure that all exercises are covered. Programs can be joined at any time. Participants should try to attend 2 of each of A, B, C and D classes for optimal results.


    This class is specific to foot and ankle issues. Suitable for the student recovering from ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis or surgical repairs, dropped foot arches, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma and bunions.
    Class limited to 8 people.


    This class will educate patients by highlighting exercise appropriate for hip and knee conditions such as patellofemoral pain syndrome, Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, and muscle imbalances associated with knee or hip injuries. Pre and post operative hip and knee patients are welcome as this class is also designed to optimize conditioning prior to surgery and facilitate post-operative rehabilitation.
    Class limited to 8 people.


    Innovate Synergy injury protocols and evidence-based exercises designed to help with lower back issues are the emphasis in this class. Suitable for the student with degenerative disc disease, sciatica from a disc problem, or weak deep core muscles. If you have received a medical diagnosis of having a disc related problem, you can book directly into this class. If you have test results (i.e. MRI or CT scan) please bring them to your first class.
    Class limited to 8 people.


    This class has been programmed to resolve neck and shoulder injuries and is suitable for the student with muscular neck pain, neck tension, shoulder problems, tension headaches, elbow tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
    Class is limited to 8 people.


    This class will target common conditions seen in computer users including myofascial/muscular neck pain, wrist and hand RSI (repetitive strain injury/ tendonitis of the wrist and forearm), and disc-mediated low back pain. Emphasis will also be placed on learning and applying ergonomic principles and proper seated posture at the computer.
    Class limited to 8 people.


    This class utilizes evidence-based techniques with an emphasis on pelvic floor and core musculature. The goal of this class is to reduce the incidence of lower back pain during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
    Class limited to 8 people.


    Synergy offers private (1 on 1) and semi-private pilates sessions with instructors trained to deal with specific injuries. Our hand chosen team has been trained by Dr. Awan, Riki Richter, and other Synergy rehabilitation providers. They are proficient in all Synergy's injury prevention protocols and are part of a multidisciplinary team fully integrated within the rehabilitation model in a medical clinic. Our pilates teachers work closely with the entire healthcare team to insure high quality healthcare. They are trained to use Synergy's electronic medical record system in order to maximize communication with the rest of the Synergy team.
    Common injuries that can be addressed in private pilates sessions are:

    • Lumbar disc issues
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Spondylolisthesis / spondylolysis
    • Scoliosis
    • Kyphosis / lordosis
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Shoulder labral tears
    • Hip labral tears
    • Knee meniscal and ligament problems
    • Foot and ankle problems
    • Cervical disc issues
    • Wrist pain
    • Prehabilitation and post surgical rehabilitation
    • Overall conditioning (general or sports specific)


    These private classes focus on the nuances of pelvic floor function. The pelvic floor is strengthened in isolation, and then with the core musculature and in relationship to functional activity. The Synergy Pelvic Health Program provides you with the tools to self-manage your specific pelvic health condition. Pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, uterine or bladder prolapse, and lower back or hip pain that is not resolving with treatment are some of the conditions that can be resolved in this class.

    Dr. Awan and Riki Richter developed an injury recovery protocol by analyzing basic movement patterns throughout the body. All Synergy teachers have been trained in these protocols. Synergy's innovative rehab protocols have been quoted in the press in numerous articles


    A Synergy innovation and the first group class developed for patients with spinal stenosis. It is also suitable for patients with spondylolysis/listhesis, and facet mediated pain. The exercises are performed on a raised surface as opposed to floor mats, making it easier for elderly patients to participate. If you have received a medical diagnosis of spinal stenosis you can book directly into this class. If you have test results (i.e. MRI or CT scan) please bring them to your first appointment.