Lolli Ursomarzo

Lolli is one of our senior teachers, and has been with Synergy since it opened its doors. She was first enchanted with Pilates in 1996 when it quickly began to transform her body. She is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher, trained by Riki Richter, and has continued her studies with other movement leaders.

Lolli is the first Pilates teacher Dr Raza Awan fully integrated into his rehabilitation model in 2007, and has been working in close partnership with medical doctors and physiotherapists since then. Good outcomes have made clinicians quick to share their patient care with Lolli. A clinical environment with highly skilled colleagues fosters a perpetual exchange of ideas and learning. She credits this, and her ongoing training, to her diverse skills in injury rehabilitation and prevention.

In addition to her role as a PTA, Lolli spends equal time teaching privates, semi-privates and group classes. She has collaborated in and contributed extensively to Synergy's group class curriculum and programming. She is equally comfortable with beginner level instruction and more advanced, and can efficiently handle group classes with multi-level learners in which modification strategies and adaptable communication are essential. She extends her proficiency in the training of other teachers.

Courses and Workshops

Core Intelligence, Marie Jose Blom, 2017
Striding Ahead, Marie Jose Blom, 2017
What's the Fuzz? - Gil Hedley, 2017
Franklin Method Teacher Training: 30hrs, Pelvic Power Module: Pelvic Power & Core Integration, 2017
Non-Internal Introductory Pelvic Health - Michelle Fraser, 2016Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science - Greg Lehman, 2016ELDOA I - Petra Baethmann, 2015Pilates Reformer Certification - Riki Richter / Synergy, 2013
Foot & Core, Body Logic Teaching Skills, Scoliosis, Shoulder Girdle - Marie Jose Blom, 2011/12
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Octopus Garden, 2011
Pelvic Power, Natural Breathing, Spinal Imagery, Neck & Shoulders - Morten Dithmer/Franklin Method 2010
Small Apparatus, Foundations & Fundamentals, Barrels, Chairs, Cadillac - Karen Carlson, 2008-2010
Foot, Foot/Ankle/Knee, Shoulder Girdle, Sacroiliac Joint, Lumbar Spine+Disc Issues, The Hip - Riki Richter, 2008
Eccentric Muscle Work - Irene Dowd, 2009
Restorative Yoga - Andrea Peloso, 2009
Pilates Mat Certification - Mind the Body, 2007
Mat - Diane Miller 2006
Synergy Movement Series:
ELDOA, 2hrs, Petra Baethmann, 2018
Alexander Technique, 3hrs, Susan Sinclair, 2017
Movement for Trauma, 2hrs Jane Clapp, 2017
Fundamentals of Ayengar Yoga, 2hrs, Stephane Tenscer (Studio Po), 2017
Biomechanics of Birth, 4hrs, Riki Richter & Stacey Hausserman, 2017