Postpartum Study

Twenty-three postpartum women with low back pain took part in a research study conducted at Synergy. Outcome measures employed were the Short Form McGill Pain Questionnaire 2 with Visual Analogue Scale and the MyotonPro Myometer. The MyotonPRO Myometer is a new research tool that measures the biomechanical properties of skeletal muscle including the parameters of stiffness, tone and elasticity.

Subjects were randomized into three groups:

  • Control Group A participated in a single session watching a DVD on postpartum health and back care
  • Control Group B participated in a six week Specific Stabilization Exercise Class
  • Experimental Group C received six consecutive weekly global osteopathic treatments

This study concluded that global osteopathic treatment significantly reduces postpartum low back pain. All subjects had reduced stiffness and higher elasticity compared to subjects measured in previous MyotonPro studies. This was the first study conducted using the MyotonPRO myometer on the postpartum poplulation. For further information please contact Riki Richter D.O.M.P., D.Sc. O. at Synergy Sports Medicine.