If this is your first appointment, please arrive 10-15 minutes in advance to fill out some forms and paperwork.  Alternatively you may print the forms here, fill them out and bring to your appointment.For lower body injuries, please bring a pair of comfortable shorts (preferably not too baggy or long).  For females with upper body, neck or mid back injuries, a sports bra or tank top allows for best visualization.  Please be changed and ready to start at your scheduled appointment time.  You can bring your own shorts or we can provide you with disposable shorts or a gown.
Please bring the following if available:

    1.   your referral form from your doctor
    2.   any test results
    3.   previous exercises or information given to you from previous health practitioners
    4.   a list of medications you are taking if applicable

Your health practitioner wants to ensure you get the most out of your time and wants to optimize your individual results.  A list of your goals (including functional goals eg.  pain free stair climbing, return to rugby etc) and expectations for therapy are often helpful. We can also work together with you to formulate these goals. 

New Patient Intake Form.pdf - Print here
Pelvic Health Referral Form - Print here