Rehabilitative FAQ’s

Q: Why should I choose Synergy for my Rehabilitative care?
A: There are so many reasons! Here are just a few…

  • Innovative rehab model
  • Strong exercise component
  • Doctors onsite
  • Rehab model programmed in conjunction with doctors, rehabilitation providers and yoga and pilates practitioners
  • Outcomes and evidence based protocols
  • Very experienced practitioners
  • Team based approach with co-ordinated care

We could go on – check out our why we are different page…

Q: How long are treatment plans and do I have to come forever?
A: You do not have to come forever.  As with any other health care intervention, appropriate treatment should have some outcome goal in mind, be it pain relief or optimal functioning. The duration of most treatment plans vary depending on a number of factors including the condition being treated, patient compliance to care and home exercises, and patient response to care. Our goal is to help you return to your active lifestyle free of pain and with optimal function as soon as possible

Q: What should I do if I have had a motor vehicle accident?
Call in and speak to our front desk staff.  We do have treatment plans available.

Q: How much will this cost?
The pricing varies depending on the service.  We have cost effective options available to help patients of all income levels.  Please see our fee schedule for more detailed information.

Q: Do you do direct billing?
We do not provide direct to insurance billing.  We ask all of our patients to pay up front for services at Synergy.  

Q: Is treatment covered by my extended health benefits?
A: That depends on your insurance company. Keep in mind that some insurance companies may need a referral from a doctor.  You should call your insurance carrier to find out what they cover and whether you need a referral.   If you do need a referral - ask us about our walk-in doctor.   All costs are billed directly.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Loose, comfortable clothing.  If it’s a neck or shoulder problem you can bring a tank top or sports bra.  For a low back, hip or knee issue please bring some shorts. 

Q: Which of your rehab staff should I see?
A: All of our staff are highly qualified.  However, our front desk staff can help you decide who would be the most appropriate provider for you to see. 

Q: Is your physiotherapy covered by OHIP?
A: We are not an OHIP covered physiotherapy clinic.  However, most extended health plans do cover physiotherapy.

Q: I don’t have any physiotherapy coverage.  Can I bill under massage?
A:  No, we can only bill for the service provided.

Q: Do you provide physiotherapy for work related injuries?
A: Yes,  we do treat injured workers.  Please note that we are not a WSIB physiotherapy clinic but many injured workers see us and use their extended health benefits to be reimbursed for the cost of treatment.

Q: Do you use physiotherapy assistants in your treatment?
A: We do not use assistants and our therapists provide one on one, high quality rehabilitative care.

Q:I don’t have a sports injury – can I still come for treatment?
A: Yes.  We do work with patients with sports and activity related injuries but also see patients with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Q:What additional qualifications do your therapists have?
A: Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and have additional qualifications including acupuncture, A.R.T, yoga and pilates training, and personal training.  All of Synergy’s therapists our highly skilled at teaching exercise as part of your rehabilitative care.

Q: Will most of my treatment be spent hooked up to machines?
A: Although we do use modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation as a component of our treatment, most of the treatment time is spent on hands on techniques and education.

Q:  Your clinic is far from my house – is it worth coming there for physiotherapy?
A: The quality of our treatment is such that  and we have patients who come from all over the GTA and beyond for treatment.  

Q: Can Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCA) and Medical Anatomical (MAA) Acupuncture be combined?
A: The answer is yes.  This approach represents a hybrid model of acupuncture. This approach integrates the anatomical, neurobiological, and scientific bases of MAA with the centuries old holistic mind-body/environment relationship principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Combined TCA and MAA can support a synergistic or integrated approach to treatment.  For example, persistent musculoskeletal pain can be associated with emotional/mood problems.  Using an integrated/blended approach utilizing TCA and MAA principles enhances the ability to treat co-existing conditions and, or provide better outcomes of over TCA or MAA approaches when used alone.  The practitioner is well trained in both TCA and MAA.

Q: How did you select your therapists?
A: Our therapists were selected based on their skill level, empathy, training, and qualifications.  All of our therapists are very proficient at teaching movement and exercise.   Our medical director worked closely with our Rehabilitation director to select the most qualified candidates.  Their aim was to create an atmosphere conducive to professionalism, expertise, ongoing learning and professional development. 

Q: What can I expect during my first treatment?
A: The initial assessment is typically one hour long. During this hour our therapist will ask you detailed questions regarding your symptoms and do a detailed physical and biomechanical assessment.  They will discuss your goals and outline a treatment plan.  Time permitting they will initiate some treatment during the first visit.

Q: What if my physiotherapist is away or unavailable and I need treatment right away?
A: All of our therapists are very qualified; however we highly recommend staying with your initial therapist who already knows your case well.  If your therapist has gone on vacation or extended leave they will provide detailed instructions for the continuity of your care and pass the case on to a colleague. In some circumstances a therapist may recommend another provider at our centre who may be better suited to serve your particular needs.

Q:  How long are your follow up visits?
A: This is on a case to case basis and will be decided between you and your therapist to best treat your condition.  The times range from 30 to 90 minutes.

Q: I’m working full time; will I still be able to come for treatment?
A: We have early morning, evening and weekend hours available.