Riki Richter, Pilates and Yoga Director, D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O

Riki has been teaching Pilates since 1995 with a focus on rehabilitative Pilates. She took part in the first comprehensive Pilates teacher training course offered in Toronto at Pilates Downtown. She was the co-owner of Mind the Body on Queen Street West for 12 years where she trained several of Synergy’s current teachers and ran anatomy modules for movement educators.

Riki participated in Downward Dog’s first teacher training in 2000 and taught the anatomy portion of their teacher training course for 12 years. Since 2000 she has been teaching yoga with a focus on incorporating yoga into a rehabilitative context. She has also taught anatomy for Octopus Garden Yoga, 889 Yonge, the Pre-Post Natal teacher training at Yogaspace, The Alexander Alliance of Toronto and presented on the “The Sacroiliac Joint at the Yoga Festival of Toronto in 2010.

Teaching self-practice at Downward Dog for many years gave her the experience of working with yoga students one-on-one in order to develop individual rehabilitative yoga programs specific to a given student and their particular needs. Her strength as a yoga teacher is the ability to analyze movement dysfunction and educate her students in order to improve biomechanical deficits that may be causing injury or pain, and aid in repatterning of movement within the context of a yoga practice.

At Synergy she involves her patients in their own healing process by "empowering through movement". Synergy’s injury protocols were created by Dr. Raza Awan and Riki Richter and incorporate Pilates and yoga based movement patterns into injury protocols. Together they have also developed continuing education for yoga teacher trainings on the Six Most Common Yoga Injuries, giving yoga teachers the tools to keep their yoga students safe from injury.

Her fascination with anatomy has led her to study Craniosacral Therapy, Anatomy in Clay with Jon Zahourek and Gross Anatomy. At Synergy her focus is rehabilitative work incorporating Pilates, yoga and osteopathy. She has completed a 7-year osteopathy program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy where she wrote her thesis on "The Effects of Global Osteopathic Treatment on Postpartum Low Back Pain". Along with Synergy’s Rehabilitation Director, Michelle Fraser, she developed the Pelvic Health Program at Synergy and provides the manual osteopathic treatment component of this program. Her areas of expertise are lower back and sacroiliac dysfunction in the general, as well as pregnant and postpartum populations, alignment and postural issues, musculoskeletal dysfunction including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder and TMJ temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).