Services - Endurance Athlete Program

Swimming, biking, and running over long distances are quickly becoming activities that more and more people are choosing to engage and compete in. From try-a-tri's to ultramarathons, these sports present a variety of new and complex challenges that the body must be specifically adapted to and trained for. While time, dedication, and hard work brings immense reward, accomplishment and confidence, special attention needs to be given to body mechanics to minimize the chance of injury that heavy training can incur. Synergy's Endurance Athlete Program is designed specifically to address prevention and treatment of the types of injuries that high-volume training can cause. Emphasis is placed on utilizing strength and muscle length to create optimal biomechanics for speed, power, and efficiency over prolonged periods of time, as well as preventing recurring injuries that can derail training programs. This program is appropriate for those who are just beginning to venture into endurance sport, or advanced competitive athletes looking to up their competitive edge. Our providers understand the biomechanics and demands of endurance sports, and are currently or formerly involved in training and competition themselves.