Synergy's Pelvic Health Program
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Synergy's Pelvic Health Program takes an integrated interdisciplinary approach towards comprehensive rehabilitation of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

What is pelvic floor dysfunction? 
The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the pelvic organs such as the bladder and uterus. It is also involved in controlling continence and the maintenance of a healthy sex life. Women more commonly have pelvic floor dysfunction due to childbirth trauma and menopausal hormone changes.  Pelvic floor dysfunction also occurs in men, often due to prostate conditions. Like any other area in the body, some of the muscles may be tight and need to soften and lengthen, and others may be weak and require strengthening.

How do I know if I might benefit from Synergy's Pelvic Health Program? 
If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might be experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and may benefit from Synergy's Pelvic Health Program:
            Pelvic Pain
            Urinary Incontinence 
            Coccyx (Tailbone) Pain
            Sexual Dysfunction
            Pregnancy and Postpartum-related lower back pain
            Painful Pelvic Scars / Adhesions
            Uterine or Bladder Prolapse
            Low Back or Hip Pain that is not improving with treatment

You may also benefit from assessment and treatment if you are experiencing symptoms that you have attributed to another condition, such as a prostate disorder, or if you are pregnant or postpartum.  Some of your symptoms may be due to these conditions, however they may also be caused in part by pelvic floor dysfunction. For example, at Synergy we have noticed a correlation between non-resolving lower back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.  If you have received treatment for your lower back pain and it has not resolved, you may benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy and/ or osteopathy. 

Who is part of Synergy's Pelvic Health Program?
Synergy's Pelvic Health team includes:

Pelvic Health Physiotherapists
Michelle Fraser
Natalie Diez d'Aux
Trang (Jane) Bui

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Riki Richter

Dr. Lila Hakim
Dr. Andrea Kapeleris

RMT / Craniosacral Therapist
Lesley Greco

Rehabilitative Pilates and Yoga
Exercise Teachers

You may also take part in our Pregnancy and Postpartum group classes and our private training sessions. This classes and private sessions focus on the nuances of pelvic floor function.  The pelvic floor is strengthened in isolation, then coordinated with the core musculature, and finally is integrated into functional activities.  The Synergy Pelvic Health Program provides you with the tools to self-manage your specific pelvic health condition.

Do I have to see all the members of the team?
You will only work with practitioners that would be helpful in your specific case.  You would usually begin with an appointment with a pelvic health physiotherapist. Together you would decide whether referral to another practitioner on the team would be helpful.

Is assessment with the physiotherapist always the first step? 
If you have had abdominal surgery, a difficult labour and delivery, or a history of gynecological or kidney conditions, then you may benefit from having osteopathic treatment before seeing the physiotherapist. 

How much will this cost? 
Some of these services may be covered by your extended health benefits.  Click here to see our fee schedule.