Services - Private Pilates Appointments

Pilates Privates are a great way to apply exercise to your specific needs. You can expect your appointment to address posture, functional movement, core stability, and muscle flexibility and strength. Whether your goal is overall fitness, or to target specific areas of weakness or injury, we aim to help you experience improved movement patterns, and teach you exercises that can be continued on your own.

Some people use privates as an introduction to Pilates principles and a segue into group classes, while others use privates to hone in on particular parts of the movements and exercises. Others take privates as a compliment to other rehabilitation therapies.

Because the repertoire of Pilates exercises is so vast, these appointments allow your teacher to choose relevant exercises for your needs, and perhaps modify and adapt the particular movements to suit your body.

One-on-one sessions ensure a focus on proper form and technique, with direct feedback, and plenty of time for your questions. When applicable, our teachers will include some anatomy education, and incorporate self-massage or release techniques. We have a number of highly qualified and experienced teachers to suit your schedule.