Services - Rehabilitative Pilates Programs

The Problem:
Dr. Raza Awan recognized a deficit in the current rehabilitative model (see Our Story). There are a lot of patients who do not improve with traditional rehab despite being motivated to get better.

The Solution:
Dr. Awan looked at subsets of patients with variety of the most common chronic joint and soft tissue conditions. Together with Ms.Riki Richter, heprogrammed a series of one hour classes with exercises geared towards addressing these deficits. By partnering our Sports Medicine doctors with our yoga/pilates practitioners and providing them with their customized equipment and studio space, we have fully integrated them into post-acute rehabilitative treatment. Synergy’s classes include education on anatomy of the region, rationale for doing the exercise, stretches, strengthening, postural exercises, and self-massage/release techniques to manage pain.

Empowering through movement:
These classes provide a cost effective treatment option that will still allow for patients to get better if practiced effectively.

The classes are taught by experienced yoga/pilates practitioners in groups of 6-8 participants. Quality of movement is often more important than the actual movement and practicing the exercise in a class based setting gives many opportunities to ensure the exercises are performed with proper form and technique. The classes are taught using mat-based exercises with minimal equipment. The exercises can easily be reproduced at home with simple and inexpensive equipment. The teachers help empower patients by discussing anatomy and educating patients about their bodies, and the students also receive invaluable support and empathy from peers in their class who have similar symptoms and conditions.