Virginia Smart

Virginia first began Pilates practice in 2000. Her hamstrings were tight; she could hardly touch her toes! She needed to find bodywork that would help her focus on her physical health, and, at the same time, unwind from her job as a television producer. Pilates did that, and more. Virginia enjoyed the benefits of Pilates so much, she trained at Mind the Body with Riki Richter and Dara Jakouvic in 2007 and taught at Mind the Body until 2011. Since 2011, Virginia has enjoyed teaching Pilates at Synergy, and focuses on upper body rehabilitative classes. It's important to her to help clients find strength and renewal in dealing with upper body issues. Beyond the exercises and stretches she teaches, she hopes clients will re-learn daily life activities that can cause problems in the first place. How to carry a purse properly, how to paint a wall, how to do a swimming stroke, or work at a computer. In addition to teaching at Synergy Sports Medicine, Virginia remains a dedicated student with an ongoing routine of mat and machine work.

Workshops include:
Karen Carlson: Small Apparatus 2010 / Foundations & Fundamentals 2009/ Barrels 2009, Chairs 2008, Cadillac 2008
Riki Richter: Shoulder Girdle 2008 / Sacroiliac Joint 2008

Virginia has continued her personal education in movement and anatomy with renowned instructors including Riki Richter, Karen Carlson, Alan Herdman and Dianne Miller.