Pilates and yoga injuries

Specialized Rehab Care for Yoga & Pilates injuries

Do you have an injury that is making it difficult to do certain poses or limiting your yoga or pilates practice?

We are a sports medicine clinic with high quality rehab care for yoga & pilates injuries.

What makes our care unique?

  • Our providers practice yoga and pilates themselves, and understand the poses and how to alter them to help rehabilitate and prevent injuries.
  • We have specialized sports medicine doctors on-site to diagnose your injury and order further testing if needed (ie. x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, etc).
  • Our fast-track program gives you the benefit of quick access to medical providers.
  • We are involved in research on the health benefits of yoga and pilates.
  • We incorporate prevention of yoga and pilates injuries into our rehab care
  • We use injury-specific rehabilitation classes that help in prevention and management of yoga & pilates injuries into our rehab care.
  • For most cases, we will work with you in order to allow continued practice with modifications while we treat your injury.
  • We treat a broad range of injuries including acute problems as well as many cases of previously unsuccessful rehab care.

For more information about our clinic and programs, please contact:

Riki Richter, Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Ostepathic thesis writer Yoga and Pilates Program Coordinator

Dr. Raza Awan, Sports Medicine Medical Director