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When you join a Synergy program, you’ll become fitter, stronger, healthier, and less likely to re-injure yourself in the future. They’re also really fun, if we may say so ourselves.

Mixed Mat

Have you heard about all the great things Movement therapy can do for your body but you aren’t sure where to start? This class is the perfect start for people new to Pilates or those who simply want a new fitness routine. We’ll introduce you to basic movement concepts and exercises while improving your fitness level. Perfect for after a rehabilitation program or as a way to prevent injury. Building on those ideas this class will progress to an intermediate level class with more challenging exercises and the introduction of functional movement concepts. We focus on integrating the introductory teachings while learning how to bring these new strength and movement skills into your daily life.

ComputerFit Corporate Program

This program targets common conditions seen in computer users including myofascial neck pain, repetitive strain injury, wrist or forearm tendonitis, and disc-mediated back pain. We’ll focus on ergonomic principles including how to sit properly, and exercises to build strength and stretch effectively. You’ll receive a home exercises to encourage long-term results. We will come to your business to teach the class (some restrictions apply). Please contact us for more information.