FRÉDÉRIC DUMUNIER, Manual Osteopath, DO (France)

This is a recurring training

This course presents an innovative approach to the peripheral nervous system and its care. The first part gives background concepts based on the most up-to-date scientific research. Human anatomy will be reviewed from micro (histology) to macro (interacting systems), including its origin (embryology), for a better understanding of the peripheral nervous system and how it is affecting the patients’ condition.

The second part demonstrates practical aspects of the program for an easy integration into day-to-day practice. It will give the movement teacher or therapist new tools to maintain and improve their exercise choices and treatments. Patient flexibility will be evaluated and patient specific interactive exercises discussed and demonstrated.

This course provides additional solutions to the movement teacher or therapist dealing with patients – from simple workday stiffness to more complex conditions involving the peripheral nervous system. Whether you are treating high ranking athletes, seniors or injured patients with acute to chronic conditions, the new skillset learned in this course will be an invaluable addition to your practice. This course is a must for yoga and ELDOA teachers.

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