Synergy 1-on-1 & Group Classes

When you join a Synergy program, you’ll become fitter, stronger, healthier, and less likely to re-injure yourself in the future. They’re also really fun, if we may say so ourselves.

The Story Behind Our Movement Therapy Programs

Dr. Awan and Riki Richter began collaborating in 2004 and since opening Synergy Sports Medicine in 2011 have focused on an outcomes based rehabilitation model we call “Movement Based Rehabilitation”. Using our combined thirty five years of experience in the field we incorporated a strong exercise component that we felt was lacking in conventional rehabilitation programs.

Synergy’s Movement Therapy Programs

As part of this model, we decided to explore the concept of using rehabilitative classes to teach exercises. Dr. Raza Awan collected clinical patterns of deficits found with specific conditions based on his experience with patients who did not improve with conventional rehab care. Riki Richter programmed exercises that targeted these deficits. Synergy offers Movement Therapy Programs to address various musculoskeletal components.

Synergy’s 1-on-1 Movement Therapy


Our highly trained movement therapy teachers receive in-house continuing education based on current research surrounding common conditions, exercise prescription specific to that condition and contraindications to avoid. You are in capable hands. Our movement therapy teachers will develop a home exercise program specific to your condition. In order for you to self- manage, we teach you about your own anatomy, how it works and how you can help yourself.

Synergy’s Movement Therapy Programs & Group Rehab Classes

We have been running our Movement Therapy Group Rehab Classes since opening the clinic in 2011. Synergy’s in clinic Movement Therapy Group Rehab Classes will resume in line with the Ontario Covid-19 Response Framework.

Each group rehab programs addresses common deficits hindering recovery and exercises are based on sound biomechanics and evidence based protocols. These programs teach functional embodied
biomechanics and empower the patient to self manage their injury. Once learned, these exercises can be incorporated into a daily routine as preventative and strengthening measures, or for pre-and post-surgical recovery, rehab and pre-habilitation.

The programs include: Back Care, Hip & Knee, Neck & Shoulder, Foot & Ankle and ComputerFit. These are designed as a consecutive 4-week series to be repeated at least twice and accompanied by a home exercise booklet or videos.

Synergy Movement Therapy Virtual & Video Options

We transitioned our most popular programs, Back Care and Neck & Shoulder, to video in 2018. If you prefer to take part in our classes from home, these classes are available for purchase through Embodia Academy.


Virtual 1-on-1 Movement Therapy Sessions are available with our Movement Therapy Director.

Our Vision: Empowering Through Movement

Our vision at Synergy is to build a spire of excellence in continuing education and to develop a movement vernacular accessible to both the medical and movement communities in order to proactively improve the health of patients.

The Synergy community is here for you

Synergy fitness and rehab classes are designed to be taken separately or in conjunction with our Rehabilitation Services.

Because your recovery is our priority.

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