Synergy Movement Therapist

West End (235 Wallace Avenue)

Esther Cieri

Practice style (Philosophy)

Esther began her career as a movement educator in her late teens teaching ballet and creative dance. She is certified to teach the Alexander Technique, yoga, and Pilates. Her approach is to facilitate a movement practice and relay awareness about how to move through the world with more ease, resiliency and simplicity. She specializes in injury rehabilitation and prevention, workplace wellness and assisting artists and performers optimize their potential.

“Teaching movement is my passion. I see potential in every student and derive immense satisfaction from helping them achieve that potential. I see the profound changes my students make and encourage them to think of Pilates/yoga/ movement therapy as much more than simply a form of exercise. I want them to take their improvements beyond the class and into their lives, to harmonize all they do on a daily basis.”

Unique Facts

Esther loves languages: she speaks English, French and Italian. She loves hiking in the woods and swimming in Ontario lakes. She is a regular donor to Médicines Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders. She has a passion for food and loves exploring international cuisines . Her goal is to read as many great classic novels as she can….if only there were more time.


  • Rehabilitative Pilates Mat and Equipment
  • Yoga
  • Alexander Technique


  • 20 years classical ballet training
  • 5 years modern dance training
  • 2 years teaching Pilates to students of the National Ballet School (2018-present)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program Part 1 – May 2000
  • Yoga Teacher Certification December 2001 – The Yoga Studio
  • Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers Certification – June 2003
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification – May 2006
  • Pilates Mat and Equipment Certification – January 2010
  • Alexander Technique International Certification March 2010
  • Body Mind Centering – Endocrine System and Embryological Approach to Yoga December 2012
  • Tich Nhat Hahn Mindfulness Conference Brock University August 2013
  • University of Toronto Mindfulness Studies Program (1 course each in History of Mindfulness and Neuroscience and Mindfulness) 2017 – 2018
  • Corporate Wellness Stress Management Facilitator (February 2003-present)