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West End (235 Wallace Avenue)

Joanna Bell

Practice style (Philosophy)

Joanna is great at helping people understand the body and how it functions. She works on unwinding tension with hands-on and self-massage techniques as well as being a great motivator in building core strength and postural awareness. Joanna is committed to helping her clients develop an ability to self-manage issues and move beyond perceived limitations. Joanna is a great believer in approaching the body as a whole when working with clients, she works from the foundation up in order to help with their overall well being, as well as addressing specific issues or concerns.

Unique Facts

Joanna is a movement and health enthusiast – with 21 years of experience teaching Pilates, and practicing Thai yoga massage, and yoga, exploring martial arts like kung-fu, capoeira, tai-chi, and distributing and working with essential oils – she has a great general knowledge of the body and enjoys sharing her passion and understanding with the world.
  • Rehabilitative Pilates Mat and Equipment
  • Pre & Post Natal Movement


Pilates Certification course – Cadillac and Wunda chair – Vivian Nickles / Pilates Downtown 1995-1996
Rehab and dance injury prevention – Allen Herdman 1995
Upper Quadrant – Marika E. Molnar P. T. 1996
Pilates Foundations – Marie Jose Blom 1997
Pilates Rehabilitation – Allen Herdman 1997
Lower Quadrant – Marika E. Molnar P.T. 1997
Disk work and rehab unwinding scoliosis – Jean-Claude West 1997
Ball work – Ethel Wilson B.S.C. P.T. 1997
Thai Yoga massage certification course – Eleanor Inglis 1999
Baby mother Pre-Post Natal teachers training certification – Karen and Skylar 2000
Group power weight training instructor training course – Body training Systems 2007
Fundamentals, Barrels, Chairs, Cadillac – Karen Carlson, 2008
Foot/Ankle/Knee, Shoulder Girdle, Sacroiliac Joint, Lumbar Spine+Disc Issues, The Hip – Riki Richter, 2008
Scoliosis, Shoulder Girdle, Foot & Core, Body Logic Teaching Skills – Marie Jose Blom, 2011/12
Common Yoga injuries of Lower back and lower Extremity – Ricki Richter, 2015
From the Soul of the foot to the core of the Body 2, Body Logic 2 – Marie Jose Blom 2017


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October 25, 2019

235 Wallace Avenue
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