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Lolli Ursomarzo

Practice style (Philosophy)

 Lolli specializes in Rehabilitative Pilates, using a wide variety of exercises to help with injury rehabilitation, modification, and prevention. She has extensive practice teaching exercise for core stability, foot stability, scoliosis, stenosis, and lumbar disc issues. Clients describe Lolli as fun and animated, with a knack for imparting concepts simply. Whether in a group class or one-on-one, she believes good results start with making people feel comfortable and cared for, tailoring exercise to suit their needs and ability, and communicating clearly.

Unique Facts

Lolli is the first Pilates teacher Dr Raza Awan fully integrated into his rehabilitation model in 2007, and has been working in partnership with doctors and physiotherapists since then. She has collaborated in and contributed to Synergy’s group class curriculum, and extends her proficiency in the training of other teachers. Lolli also designed a room at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, and rejigs her home furniture way too frequently.


  • Rehabilitative Pilates Mat and Reformer
  • Teaching for core stability, foot stability, scoliosis, stenosis, and lumbar disc issues


Pilates Mat Certification – Riki Richter / Mind the Body, 2007
Pilates Reformer Certification – Riki Richter / Synergy, 2013
Pilates Chairs – Karen Carlson, 2019
Cadillac – Karen Carlson, 2019
Reformer – Karen Carlson, 2018
Core Intelligence – Marie Jose Blom, 2017
Striding Ahead – Marie Jose Blom, 2017
What’s the Fuzz? – Gil Hedley, 2017
Franklin Method: Pelvic Power, Natural Breathing, Spinal Imagery, Neck & Shoulders, The Mighty Psoas – Morten Dithmer, 2017, 2010
Movement for Trauma – Jane Clapp, 2017
Biomechanics of Birth – Riki Richter & Stacey Hausserman, 2017
Non-Internal Introductory Pelvic Health – Michelle Fraser, 2016
Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science – Greg Lehman, 2016
ELDOA Teacher Training, Level I – Petra Baethmann, 2015
Scoliosis, Shoulder Girdle, Foot & Core, Body Logic Teaching Skills – Marie Jose Blom, 2011/12
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Level I – Octopus Garden, 2011
Small Apparatus, Foundations & Fundamentals, Barrels, Chairs, Cadillac – Karen Carlson, 2008-2010
Foot, Foot/Ankle/Knee, Shoulder Girdle, Sacroiliac Joint, Lumbar Spine+Disc Issues, The Hip – Riki Richter, 2008
Eccentric Muscle Work – Irene Dowd, 2009
Restorative Yoga – Andrea Peloso, 2009
Mat – Diane Miller, 2006
York University, Honours English, 1992-1994
Ryerson University, Radio and Television Arts, 1991

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