West End (235 Wallace Avenue)

Neha Sultana

Practice style (Philosophy)

Neha graduated from Bachelors of Physiotherapy at Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore India. Followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital from India. Neha’s professional focus is on providing a holistic approach to physiotherapy, integrating evidence-based techniques with personalized care. She believes in addressing not only the physical symptoms but also considering the emotional and psychological aspects of healing. Neha emphasizes collaboration of Manual Therapy techniques, exercises and education to help individuals overcome orthopaedic, musculoskeletal injuries and conditions by utilizing techniques tailored to each patients’ needs. She aims to enhance functionality, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being to foster lasting wellness and improved quality of life.

Unique Facts

Neha loves to travel and try-out myriad cuisines. She practices Yoga in her free time. She enjoys exploring diverse activities and cherishing precious moments with her family.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management

  • Manual Therapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
  • Dry Needling


  • Resident Physiotherapist, College of Physiotherapist of Ontario
  • Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy, RGUHS, India
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management