Synergy Movement Therapist

West End (235 Wallace Avenue)

Robbie Medeiros

Practice style (Philosophy)

Robbie’s interest in holistic wellness began as part of his theatre training, exploring the mind/body/emotion connection through dance, oration, and performance on stage and screen. Their approach to Pilates and movement education is collaborative, with goals focused on progressing from wherever you’re at, together. Their focus is on building awareness of the joints in motion to increase embodied strength and ease of motion.

Unique Facts

Learning is Robbie’s biggest driver, having dabbled in multiple art forms, hobbies, and classes. Current learning goals are to get skilled enough with his sewing machine to make full outfits.
  • Certified Pilates Mat Teacher (2023)
  • Certified Pilates Reformer Teacher (2024)


  • Pilates Reformer


TESOL Diploma (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
User Experience Design Diploma