Managing Director

Yih Yi Wu

Practice style (Philosophy)

Yih Yi began his engineering career at a Toronto start-up company after graduating from the University of Waterloo. The small consumer communications technology start-up grew quickly and was acquired by a multinational electronics components manufacturer. Yih Yi has worked on various technologies areas, designing products that enable disruptive advancements and deliver differentiated system improvements in the consumer and healthcare product sectors. In 2011, Yih Yi joined Synergy as Managing Director bringing his knowledge of systems and processes, as well as contributing in the areas of business and operations management. Yih Yi’s background in the engineering and delivery of systems, innovative products, and services perfectly parallels Synergy’s differentiated approach to physical health care. In his free time, Yih Yi enjoys travelling, playing team sports, and enjoying the outdoors.

BA Sc. (Engineering)

  • Systems Engineering
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Consumer, Healthcare Systems and Products


Directorship on community, non-profit, and private sector boards
Multinational Technology Firm Management