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Physiotherapy : Orthopaedic

Physiotherapy, back pain, sports medicine
We help modify certain patterns of movement or posture to create a new, more optimal situation in the body. The nature of your pain and functional issues will be assessed to determine the appropriate physiotherapeutic intervention – to pinpoint the source of the problem and create a roadmap for recovery. Our team of practitioners have specialties in a wide range of areas which allows us to select someone for you that is passionate and knowledgable about your condition. This in turn allows them to focus their professional development accordingly and stay at the leading edge of their field. Your physiotherapist is trained to appropriately recommend any service (so many of which are available at Synergy) to help you continue to recover, to your fullest extent. Physiotherapists here collaborate in house with other professions in various ways, with the purpose of understanding how and when other practitioners may be helpful to their client's health and wellbeing.