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David Lamy

Massage Therapist

Practice Style (Philosophy)

David finds that working with the patient, their interests and their environment to be the most effective way of helping people take ownership of their own health.  The goal is to get the patient back to regular activity and to prevent opportunity for re-injury.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue Release (like ART) are some of the other non-Swedish massage techniques that he uses in treating a variety of conditions.  He is a firm believer in moving the patient around during treatment – after all, they rarely injure themselves by just laying there.  Having said that, he also appreciates the need to de-stress by laying quietly and restoring the mind-body connection through relaxation massage.

Unique Fact about yourself

When David is not treating or teaching fitness classes, he is competing in running, triathlon, and cycling events.  He has competed in several ½ and full Ironman races, Boston Marathon and long distance cycling trips.  He is looking forward to trying his hand at cyclo-cross this fall.