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Fenton Fong

Personal Training

Practice Style (Philosophy)

Fenton specializes in exercise rehabilitation with an emphasis on proper biomechanics and bodily function. He addresses imbalances found within the body and works to build a solid foundation. He can help clients with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries as well as help an individual reach their personal fitness goals. His rehabilitation specialty is Hip and Knee, Neck and Shoulder, and Low Back. Fenton works to first break down faulty movement patterns to then lay down a strong foundation for the client to build upon. The training is holistic where form and function trumps all else. He is a strong believer in learning to walk first before you run and does not believe in shortcuts. He believes that fitness should be a lifestyle for the long haul rather than a temporary goal for a season.

Unique Facts

Fenton plays volleyball competitively and has competed in tournaments internationally. He is also heavily involved with Muay Thai (kickboxing) training on a weekly basis and turns to yoga and meditation to recovery his mind and body.