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Jan Murray

Massage Therapist

Practice Style (Philosophy)

Jan’s focus is to unravel inappropriate postural habits which will at some time if not already cause pain and restrict movement. She has created a new system of treatment and exercises combining principles from Pilates, Osteopathy and Yoga and combines these exercises with hands on therapy to unravel postural issues and get you moving efficiently with ease. She believes that we are built to move and need to move to sustain that privilege. Jan’s passion is to identify and realign patterns that prevent pain-free movement and gives her clients the exercise-tools to sustain the positive effects of this corrected posture and ensure improved mobility and agility in daily life. Her unique combination of classic soft tissue hands-on work and positioning of the spine and limbs helps promote alignment and healing. Jan is a pioneer in the healthcare industry and a perpetual student – the more she learns the more she realizes there is to learn.

Unique Facts

You can find Jan on a patio with her friends and good food and wine, roller blading on Lakeshore, or cycling on some rolling hills in the country!