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Keith Fernandes


Practice Style (Philosophy)

Keith enjoys helping clients with neck and headache concerns as well as shoulder and lower back problems.

His niche is in his training and experience. Strong in manual therapy and postural analysis (credentialled in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy as well as ergonomic certification) and with years of teaching excellent muscle control (the right exercise at the right intensity), drawing on various movement styles, from the traditional western type to more holistic eastern principles seen in kung fu and yoga.

Headache study has taken him to Spain and Italy and this is his primary focus now, as he sees a need for better practice in this field in Canada.

Experience working in healthcare since 1996. As a Physiotherapist since 2005. He really enjoys playing with different movement approaches / arts, delving into them to learn how things feel and can be made to change the body, with a strong rooting in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Also has training in taping, acupuncture and dry needling.

Unique Facts

Keith enjoys stretching his limits – trying new activities, ways to move, constantly learning and improving himself. He’s also the proud dad of a boy and a girl.