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Virginia Smart

Rehabilitative Pilates Teacher

Practice Style (Philosophy)

Virginia has been a part of the Synergy family since its inception. Virginia focuses on upper body rehabilitative classes, as well as hip & knee classes. Her own experience with upper body issues gives her a unique insight and understanding with her client interaction. When Virginia first started Pilates, her hamstrings were tight – she could hardly touch her toes! She needed to find bodywork that would help her focus on her physical health, and, at the same time, unwind from her job as a television producer – Pilates did that and Virginia hopes her teaching will bring that same relief to others. In addition to the exercises and stretches she teaches, Virginia helps clients re-learn daily life activities that caused problems in the first place and how to translate the goals of Synergy’s rehabilitative classes into everyday life movement – What’s the best way to carry a purse? Paint a wall? Work at a computer? Ride a bike? Virginia remains a dedicated student with an ongoing routine of mat and machine work.