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Synergy Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is your solution to finally breaking through the pain and discomfort you’ve been carrying around. We are Toronto’s top sports medicine practitioners, movement therapists, physiotherapists, and wellness clinicians…and our results prove it.

You can walk away from years of pain, avoid unnecessary surgery, and go on to live a life filled with vitality and freedom of movement. Our integrative movement-based rehabilitation will help you become stronger, fitter, and more like yourself than you’ve been in years.

Not sure if we are a fit for you?

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You have the power to heal yourself. We can show you how.

Sports medicine like you’ve never seen before

At Synergy, we know that every body is a bit different. That’s why your recovery plan is always uniquely designed, just for you. From Physiotherapy to Chiropractic care, from Osteopathy to Massage Therapy, our innovative treatment plans will increase your strength, mobility, and freedom of movement.

Group programs that will move you

The first step toward a full recovery is understanding how to overcome any underlying issues that may have slowed your rehabilitation. Our pilates and movement therapy group programs are designed to build strength, prevent recurring injuries, and emphasize the kind of long-term results you’ve been looking for.

Understand your body and reclaim your life.

We’re innovative because we love a good success story.

We are driven by your results

Our clinicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and some of the top sports medicine specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. They know that no matter how tough your case may be or how many doctors you’ve seen before coming to Synergy, you can dramatically improve your quality of life by learning how to move properly.

Get moving again with Synergy

​We operate at the cross-section of education, empowerment, and approachable clinical medicine. We are motivated by results, we thrive under a challenge, and we don’t quit.

Your long-term health is important, to you and to us. Whether you’re with us for one session or longer, you can count on the Synergy team to work with you toward a body that moves freer and easier.

Patient Testimonials

  • Martine Saldsman Avatar

    Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and always takes time to explain why certain exercises work, not just how to do them. I have a much better understanding now of how/why my... read more

    Martine Saldsman 4/17/2021
    Leah Bennett Avatar

    I loved Rachel's clear, careful explanation of what she was doing. She made me feel very comfortable and I learned a lot from the visit. I feel very confident that... read more

    Leah Bennett 4/14/2021
    J. Martin Avatar

    Synergy has always been great. The facilities are excellent, the staff are friendly and helpful. Dylan Tannyan (physiotherapist) is particularly professional, helpful and kind. I highly recommend this place!

    J. Martin 4/14/2021
  • Sadie Culliford Avatar

    Discovering Rachel Varga at Synergy has given me a clear path to recovery. Rachel strikes a perfect balance of communicating detailed explanations, supported by visuals, that help me accurately... read more

    Sadie Culliford 4/14/2021
    Louis Chow Avatar

    My first visit to Synergy was at the start of 2021. Reception was always very nice and friendly the dozen or so times I went. I saw Samy for Physio... read more

    Louis Chow 4/14/2021
    Jacob Ng Avatar

    I have tried different Physiotherapists for quite a few years and my conclusion was: Physiotherapy does not work. I am skeptical when I first visited Synergy Sports Medicine and... read more

    Jacob Ng 4/14/2021
  • Julie Sato Avatar

    I've had a wonderful experience at Synergy working with Samy Shash! I started working with Samy after breaking my ankle last October and he has helped me get back to... read more

    Julie Sato 4/14/2021
    Mike Murawsky Avatar

    Thanks very much Jesse.. I always look forward to seeing you. Today really helped and thanks for checking in with Carolin.. it is appreciated and very professional. I'm grateful for... read more

    Mike Murawsky 4/07/2021
    James Grydsuk Avatar

    I developed sudden intense pain in my hip that didn't appear to be getting better even after a couple of weeks of rest, despite running regularly for more than a... read more

    James Grydsuk 4/07/2021
  • Tracy Rideout Avatar

    In January I tore some fibres in my MCL - right leg. My GP recommended that I go for physiotherapy.My initial contact was with a gentleman from Synergy who assessed... read more

    Tracy Rideout 4/07/2021
    Jim B. Avatar

    Clean establishment, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Jim B. 3/31/2021
    Becky Catherine Avatar

    I had a great experience with Synergy over the past two months. Brittany Kafka developed a very thorough plan to treat my hip pain. She was very friendly, professional... read more

    Becky Catherine 3/22/2021
  • Lara J. Fitzgerald Avatar

    I have been going to Synergy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation for six months to treat two separate injuries--ankle and rotator cuff. Brittany has helped me rebuild strength, balance and flexibility... read more

    Lara J. Fitzgerald 3/19/2021
    Patrick Chan Avatar

    I saw many physical therapists of all disciplines as well as several doctors over a two-year period, to treat sciatic pains that started from a golf injury. They helped considerably,... read more

    Patrick Chan 3/17/2021
    Jeff Jones Avatar

    Highly recommended!Rachel helped me with a knee tracking issue I had for years. She gave me a detailed program that I needed and provided me with follow ups and correspondence... read more

    Jeff Jones 3/17/2021
  • Myriam Avatar

    I can’t recommend Synergy enough! My physiotherapist, Dylan, quickly identified my issue and designed an effective plan that helped me heal and get back into my running routine. He was... read more

    Myriam 3/17/2021
    Teresa Labriola Avatar

    You can trust you will be in good hands at Synergy. The Front Desk staff are warm and welcoming. They know you by name and were so helpful when I... read more

    Teresa Labriola 3/10/2021
    Tim Schmucker Avatar

    Synergy and Rachel Varga are amazing. Before starting treatment here for chronic knee issues, I had had several mediocre physiotherapy experiences. So I went to Synergy with skepticism. After my... read more

    Tim Schmucker 3/10/2021
  • Olivier Rabu Avatar

    Great clinic with friendly staff and knowledgeable, professional physiotherapists. Since the first session, I felt confident that my concerns were being heard and taken into consideration during treatment. Would highly recommend!

    Olivier Rabu 3/10/2021
    Paula Campbell Avatar

    If you need answers this is the place to be. I have only being there once and I hope I will be able to return. Team is very accommodating, waiting... read more

    Paula Campbell 3/03/2021
    Sarah Hinton Avatar

    I came to Synergy with foot pain after a year and a half of multiple doctor visits, x-rays, MRI's, even using orthotics and still no answers or pain relief. Rachel... read more

    Sarah Hinton 3/03/2021
  • Marko Baljozovic Avatar

    I came and visited Samy first time in the clinic for a shoulder injury and he then helped me virtually for the next 6 weeks and his help was amazing!... read more

    Marko Baljozovic 3/03/2021
    Anuroop Kallé Avatar

    Dylan is a top-tier physiotherapist. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and thorough, and my experience with him could not have gone any better. I had been experiencing a sudden onset... read more

    Anuroop Kallé 2/24/2021
    Julia Campisi Avatar

    I've had such a positive and productive experience at Synergy! My physiotherapist Brittany created a clear physio plan for my pesky shoulder injury, and I've noticed significant improvements throughout our... read more

    Julia Campisi 2/24/2021
  • Kevin Marsh Avatar

    I have been seeing Jesse for close to 3 years now with a variety of different injuries. Jesse is able to quickly find the issue and set you on the... read more

    Kevin Marsh 2/24/2021

    Great East end location. Bright, organized office. Thanks to the helpful receptionists, Dr. Dehaan for her assessments and especially to Jesse Awenus for his expert treatments and prescriptive exercises.

    DIANNE LEBRETON 2/24/2021
    Andrew Just Avatar

    I initially came to the West end location for an assessment as recommended by my GP.It was very well done and a plan was made.Since then I have been going... read more

    Andrew Just 2/24/2021
  • Donna Singleton Avatar

    I highly recommend Dylan Tannyan from Synergy Sports. I was very impressed with the initial evaluation and understanding of my hip and lower back pain. Very knowledgeable, easy to talk,... read more

    Donna Singleton 2/24/2021
    Ryan Chambers Avatar

    I am very fortunate to have Dylan as a physiotherapist. He is exceptionally professional, capable and caring. He is also listens very well and is empathetic. He does... read more

    Ryan Chambers 2/24/2021
    Andrew Gotowiec Avatar

    I had two problems, sciatica and an elbow injury that had significant impacts on my life with pain and decreased range of motion.Samy Shash helped me out with both of... read more

    Andrew Gotowiec 2/24/2021
  • Kim Blackmore Avatar

    I've been suffering with chronic SI joint pain and had previously seen a chiropractor, osteopath and massage therapist, which only helped to treat the pain temporarily. I decided to... read more

    Kim Blackmore 2/24/2021
    Peter Papoulidis Avatar

    Great facilites. Always a warm and friendly welcome from the support staff. Dylan, my physiotherapist, provided me with an appropriate developmental program that overtime, eliminated pain and restored... read more

    Peter Papoulidis 2/18/2021
    Jessa Letargo Avatar

    Had such an amazing experience with Synergy for the past 3 months. Rachel, my physiotherapist, was so thorough, skilled and encouraging which resulted in a successful rehab journey; I was... read more

    Jessa Letargo 2/18/2021
  • Deborah Huk Avatar

    Dylan Tannyan is absolutely top-notch, as is Synergy and Dr. Sahota, who diagnosed my most recent spinal related issue. When my recent trouble flared up I didn't hesitate to... read more

    Deborah Huk 2/16/2021
    Amanda Charles Avatar

    I had a bicycle accident in August and after going to the doctor and finding nothing was broken, I sought out physiotherapy and found Rachel Varga at Synergy.The staff were... read more

    Amanda Charles 2/15/2021
    Zeeshan Safdar Avatar

    I was dealing with a lingering injury for the past few months when I started my physiotherapy with Brittany Kafka. It was one of those injuries that didn't have an... read more

    Zeeshan Safdar 2/15/2021
  • Jackie Kalakauskas Avatar

    I've had such a great experience with my physiotherapist Samy! He's very attentive and tailors exercises weekly based on my needs. Over the past few months I've seen such a... read more

    Jackie Kalakauskas 2/15/2021
    Vipushana Yoganathan Avatar

    I was referred to Synergy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Everyone is welcoming, helpful and it is organized.My physiotherapist Rachel is great, she is caring, and supportive. She always emails exercises... read more

    Vipushana Yoganathan 2/15/2021
    Joe Avatar

    I was referred to Synergy by a friend who is a GP to address what was a long standing issue with hip pain. After an original consult with a doctor,... read more

    Joe 2/15/2021
  • Laura Birnie Avatar

    Recently saw Brittany and she was awesome. Tailored the physio program to accommodate my very busy life. Shares her vast knowledge in a way that makes sense and can be... read more

    Laura Birnie 2/15/2021
    Luke Dotto Avatar

    I'm glad to see so many others have had as positive an experience as I had with this clinic, and specifically, with Dylan. This was my first time doing physiotherapy... read more

    Luke Dotto 1/24/2021
    Z Batava Avatar

    I suffered from strong back pain for two months and was recommended to go to Synergy Sports (East location) for rehabilitation. My physiotherapist Rachel was excellent. She is a caring,... read more

    Z Batava 1/24/2021
  • David Gonzalez Avatar

    I started going to Synergy back at the end of November 2020 and have enjoyed all of my experiences with this clinic since that time. The clinic itself is clean,... read more

    David Gonzalez 1/24/2021
    milgon ho Avatar

    Brittany was wonderful! Not only did she help my wrist pain out immensely she made the sessions feel like being with friend! She was extremely understanding and tried her hardest... read more

    milgon ho 1/24/2021
    Sthitpragya Mohan Avatar

    Despite being on the opposite side of town, I chose to go see Mitch for helping me recover from a shoulder injury. As a fitness professional, I use my body... read more

    Sthitpragya Mohan 1/24/2021
  • Katie Avatar

    I can't say enough wonderful things about the staff at Synergy. From the welcoming people at the front desk to the highly qualified and experienced treatment staff, my experiences... read more

    Katie 1/24/2021
    Ashley Avatar

    I suffered from a bimalleolar fracture in my ankle, my first broken bone(s), and was recommended to go to Synergy Sports for rehabilitation. After finding a convenient location in... read more

    Ashley 1/24/2021
    Simon Lee Avatar

    They're rehab team treats their patients well. Manual therapy for the entire time rather than tens machine at some other clinics.

    Simon Lee 1/24/2021
  • Laurie Bandur Avatar

    Synergy was recommended to me by a doctor whose patients had reported positive experiences.Dylan was extremely thorough and thoughtful. He did a great job of explaining the cause of my... read more

    Laurie Bandur 12/24/2020
    Joan Allan Avatar

    Synergy is a welcoming and safe place to visit. Rachel is a an excellent Physio who taught me how to deal with my injury as well as how to manage... read more

    Joan Allan 12/24/2020
    Larisa Eibisch Avatar

    As a practicing family physician, I have high expectations of the clinics I attend for my own personal care. Synergy has exceeded those from Day One. From the warm and... read more

    Larisa Eibisch 12/24/2020
  • L D Avatar

    I have completed 8 sessions with Brittany for knee strengthening and stability due to a repetitive golf injury. I feel my improvement has been helpful and beneficial. After... read more

    L D 12/24/2020
    Havelock V Avatar

    Jesse (my intake physio) was great, asked intelligent questions and made sure I understood why I was in pain by going over the muscles and movement involved.Edit: I did the... read more

    Havelock V 12/24/2020
    Marieta D Avatar

    I highly recommend Synergy Sports Medicine. Mitch is a caring, conscientious and dedicated physiotherapist who has excellent interpersonal skills. He worked hard with me to set goals, planned appropriate exercises... read more

    Marieta D 12/24/2020
  • Tali Tjiang Avatar

    I developed a pretty bad case of tennis elbow around the summer time this year. I'm kind of young for this type of repetitive injury, and so it was scary... read more

    Tali Tjiang 12/24/2020
    Reynier Maldonado Avatar

    Exceptional service!. From the front desk to the excellent work of Dylan Tannyan as a physiotherapist.Dylan will explain everything you need to know about your pain or discomfort in a... read more

    Reynier Maldonado 12/24/2020
    Nan Keyser Avatar

    Physiotherapist Erin O' Henley is amazing! She helped me recover from a double injury this summer. She is very knowledgeable, skilled, kind, and offers accessible and simple practices to help... read more

    Nan Keyser 12/24/2020
  • Lisa Di Marco Avatar

    Hands down the best physio clinic in the east end! My experience at Synergy began with the most welcoming and friendly atmosphere due to the wonderful administrative staff. Thank you... read more

    Lisa Di Marco 12/24/2020
    Malika Sword Avatar

    I had a great experience at Synergy. The stuff was very professional, friendly and welcoming. Rachel was excellent at identifying the cause of my discomfort and pain and I felt... read more

    Malika Sword 12/24/2020
    Kat Lenko Avatar

    Super clean, very organized. Staff are welcoming and super helpful.Dylan was nothing short of awesome. He was very structured, assessed with a keen eye, and was progressing the difficulty of... read more

    Kat Lenko 12/24/2020
  • Alexand Sword Avatar

    Synergy was recommended to me by a family member. It was my first time seeing a physiotherapist. I went in due to recent lower back and wrist pain I had... read more

    Alexand Sword 12/24/2020
    J. Lim Avatar

    My family doctor referred me to Synergy to see Dr. Awan, who turned out to be a VERY qualified specialist in his field. He diagnosed my medical problem and referred... read more

    J. Lim 12/24/2020
    Geoff MacDonald Avatar

    I worked with Brittany and had great results. TBH, I'd had not great experiences with physio in the past and so I was sceptical, but Brittany's plan worked and I... read more

    Geoff MacDonald 12/24/2020
  • Maria Guzman Avatar

    Because I work sitting on my desk all day, I developed an intense pain on my hip this year. I had never experienced anything like that: it felt like electric... read more

    Maria Guzman 12/24/2020
    Sean Speake Avatar

    Brittany at Synergy is fantastic in every way. Kind, considerate, professional, knowledgeable and delightful to work with.She is everything I could want in a partner in rehab and more.

    Sean Speake 11/24/2020
    Andréa Foti Avatar

    I’ve been getting treatment at Synergy for two chronic injuries. I’ve had an amazing experience. The physio staff are top notch, offering practical, effective treatments that made a big improvement... read more

    Andréa Foti 11/24/2020
  • Andrew Maeng Avatar

    Synergy was highly recommended by a sports medicine physician (not at Synergy) that I was seeing for my hip pain. And Synergy did not disappoint!I was lucky to have worked... read more

    Andrew Maeng 11/24/2020
    Ivo Todorov Avatar

    After many years of reoccurring shoulder pain and after being diagnosed again with bursitis and tendinitis, I have decided to go through a physiotherapy treatment. Like many others... read more

    Ivo Todorov 11/24/2020
    Manjot Randhawa Avatar

    I have been seeing my physiotherapist Rachel after I developed neck and back pain, which were a result of poor posture and not having an ergonomic office set up at... read more

    Manjot Randhawa 11/24/2020
  • rizwan desai Avatar

    A big thank you to the most welcoming and friendly staff at Synergy who gave me no reason to complain during my time there. Linda is an amazing and ideal... read more

    rizwan desai 11/24/2020
    Karen Kelly Avatar

    Great staff who make patients feel comfortable and are fantastic PTs as well.

    Karen Kelly 11/24/2020
    Nancy Duncan Avatar

    Mitch Starkman is refreshingly good at his job. I visited him for a painful compressed nerve root in my neck over several weeks. His patient and timely treatments allowed me... read more

    Nancy Duncan 10/24/2020
  • Igor Ilic Avatar

    I was experiencing some hip issues after suffering an athletic injury and was recommended to come see Jesse... and what a great recommendation!My experience has been nothing but fantastic. The... read more

    Igor Ilic 10/24/2020
    Nadia Barakeh Avatar

    I saw Samy at Synergy for aggravated shoulder injury/pain. Samy is so professional and knowledgeable. The weekly exercises he gave me were just right and it was easy to stay... read more

    Nadia Barakeh 9/24/2020
    Kuowei Lee Avatar

    Probably the best thing that I can say about this wonderful clinic is that I looked forward each week to my treatment with Mitch Starkman. Mitch is not only... read more

    Kuowei Lee 9/24/2020
  • Uplift Yourself Avatar

    I had sessions for back pain with Jesse Awenus, and my experience was absolutely fantastic! Jesse is not only knowledgeable, but he puts in the necessary effort to understand his... read more

    Uplift Yourself 9/24/2020
    David Menear Avatar

    Five stars. Educated. Intelligent. Efficient & friendly.

    David Menear 9/24/2020
    Geoff Hadrill Avatar

    In only a few sessions Rachel diagnosed and corrected a nagging injury I’d had for several months. I’m active and pain free again. The sessions were fun but the physio... read more

    Geoff Hadrill 9/24/2020
  • William Fitzgerald Avatar

    I started seeing Rachel Varga after experiencing neck pain due to working from home during COVID-19. I was initially hesitant to do physiotherapy virtually but Rachel was extremely patient and... read more

    William Fitzgerald 9/24/2020
    Omeed Jasar Avatar

    Over the past five years I've dealt with frustrating shoulder and upper back pain since a shoulder injury in 2015. Even after seeing physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists during these... read more

    Omeed Jasar 9/24/2020
    Florin Pirjol Avatar

    Jesse Awenus is a magician with his hands ,knowledge and techniques . I had so much pain and discomfort with my cervical spine , neck , shoulders and back after... read more

    Florin Pirjol 9/24/2020
  • Diane Peck Avatar

    I'm 67 and have had some trouble with my shoulder and hip for many years. This Spring, my GP referred me to Synergy Sports Medicine. Never having seen a physiotherapist... read more

    Diane Peck 9/24/2020
    Justine Saccomanno Avatar

    I went to Synergy and saw Rachel Varga for a herniated disc injury - I've seen many health practitioners over the course of my injury and she was incredibly knowledgeable... read more

    Justine Saccomanno 9/24/2020
    James Memije Avatar

    In my early 20s, I pushed myself too hard and overtrained and damaged my knee. For the last 10 years, I would deal with the consequences of chronic knee pain... read more

    James Memije 9/01/2020
  • Stacy Beach Avatar

    I was dealing with a persistent running injury and needed to find a new physiotherapy clinic. I was pretty nervous to get treatment during Covid but Synergy was a... read more

    Stacy Beach 9/01/2020
    Alison Waddell Avatar

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Convenient location near transit and fairly easy to find paid street parking. Covid precautions are all in place making in-person visits feel safe.

    Alison Waddell 8/31/2020
    Rebecca Chang Avatar

    I have been seeing Dylan (PT) at Synergy for almost a year now, following my ACL construction. At my consultation, I told him I intended to return to competitive sport... read more

    Rebecca Chang 8/26/2020
  • Jasleen Kaur Avatar

    I was worried going to any clinic during this pendamic, but felt good after talking to receptionist that are taking all the preventive measure and sanitizing everything regularly. Also the... read more

    Jasleen Kaur 8/25/2020
    Eric Lee Avatar

    TL;DR - They're very easy to communicate with, very clean and great procedures, and Dylan Tannyan is a kind, patient, knowledgeable, very capable, communicative, and detailed PT who I highly... read more

    Eric Lee 8/18/2020
    Theresa Macneil Avatar

    Synergy is the Best!! Everyone welcomes you with the best service and kindness.Dylan has be wonderful and is very knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure being a client for ... read more

    Theresa Macneil 8/11/2020

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