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Synergy Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is your solution to finally breaking through the pain and discomfort you’ve been carrying around. We are Toronto’s top sports medicine practitioners, movement therapists, physiotherapists, and wellness clinicians…and our results prove it.

You can walk away from years of pain, avoid unnecessary surgery, and go on to live a life filled with vitality and freedom of movement. Our integrative movement-based rehabilitation will help you become stronger, fitter, and more like yourself than you’ve been in years.

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You have the power to heal yourself. We can show you how.

Sports medicine like you’ve never seen before

At Synergy, we know that every body is a bit different. That’s why your recovery plan is always uniquely designed, just for you. From Physiotherapy to Chiropractic care, from Osteopathy to Massage Therapy, our innovative treatment plans will increase your strength, mobility, and freedom of movement.

Group programs that will move you

The first step toward a full recovery is understanding how to overcome any underlying issues that may have slowed your rehabilitation. Our pilates and movement therapy group programs are designed to build strength, prevent recurring injuries, and emphasize the kind of long-term results you’ve been looking for.

Understand your body and reclaim your life.

We’re innovative because we love a good success story.

We are driven by your results

Our clinicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and some of the top sports medicine specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. They know that no matter how tough your case may be or how many doctors you’ve seen before coming to Synergy, you can dramatically improve your quality of life by learning how to move properly.

Get moving again with Synergy

​We operate at the cross-section of education, empowerment, and approachable clinical medicine. We are motivated by results, we thrive under a challenge, and we don’t quit.

Your long-term health is important, to you and to us. Whether you’re with us for one session or longer, you can count on the Synergy team to work with you toward a body that moves freer and easier.

Patient Testimonials

  • Carolyn Curran Avatar

    I love Jesse. He has tolerated my resistance to exercise, my whining about pain, and my irrelevant stories with great compassion. And I might mention that I was a mess... read more

    Carolyn Curran 10/29/2019
    Samantha Dick Avatar

    I am an active woman in my late 20s with no prior injuries whose lower back pain developed suddenly with no direct cause. After 2 months of rest and chiropractic... read more

    Samantha Dick 10/29/2019
    Aaron Kyte Avatar

    I received exceptionally considerate treatment and care in the few times I've been to this clinic. Dr. Cruz went out of her way to ensure I had the information I... read more

    Aaron Kyte 10/05/2019
  • Kamil Rextin Avatar

    Great place! Had a really good experience working with Dylan and I would highly recommend it.

    Kamil Rextin 10/05/2019
    L O Avatar

    Dylan is great. He helped me best my shoulder injury in weeks. The whole team is attentive and provide great customer service. Thanks for everything.

    L O 10/05/2019
    Mumbi Sauve Avatar

    I have been going to synergy for the past 5 months after tearing my ACL and meniscus and right from the jump I've received great care and advice. I saw... read more

    Mumbi Sauve 10/05/2019
  • Benjamin Green Avatar

    Very knowledgeable team of professionals. I now live pain-free thanks to Jesse and his team. Highly recommended.

    Benjamin Green 10/05/2019
    Emily Wright Avatar

    I was referred to Synergy after a knee injury one month prior to a trip to Peru where I would be hiking the Inca Trail for 4 days. I was... read more

    Emily Wright 9/05/2019
    Rose Umbelina Avatar

    Just met with Dr Cruise today @4pm.She was so very helpful. What a nice change. Thanks doc😘I love this place... They are all so very nice + helpful

    Rose Umbelina 9/05/2019
  • L Morrison Avatar

    This is a fantastic clinic. Great facilities and all of the staff are very welcoming and friendly. Dylan has been working with me to help me improve my range of... read more

    L Morrison 9/05/2019
    Jack Prior Avatar

    As an athlete I have had plenty of injuries in the past and I have been to several different physio clinics and synergy is by far the best. Dylan was... read more

    Jack Prior 9/05/2019
    TDK Chow Avatar

    My son had a partial tear of the MCL from a knee collision during a hockey game. For over two months, he worked with Samy Shash (at the Danforth... read more

    TDK Chow 9/05/2019
  • Brandon Mcneil Avatar

    Amazing staff and treatment. Dylan worked closely with me from day one to get me back in shape after an elbow injury. He was attentive and responsive to my input,... read more

    Brandon Mcneil 8/05/2019
    Claûde Beaupré Avatar

    Great service. Friendly staff. Mobile friendly so can get notifications and reminders about your appointments. Dylan has been really helpful with my neck injury and I feel very well looked... read more

    Claûde Beaupré 8/05/2019
    Emily Briggs Avatar

    I visited Synergy when I reinjured my knee, years after an ACL repair. It takes a special team to motivate someone through recovery at 7:30AM on weekdays, and Mitch was... read more

    Emily Briggs 8/05/2019
  • Cesar Gaona Bejarano Avatar

    It is the Best Chiropractic Center that we have visited Doctor Jesse for us it is the best Physiotherapist we have known we recommend this site in a very... read more

    Cesar Gaona Bejarano 8/05/2019
    Craig Stanley Avatar

    Dylan has been fantastic helping me to rehab my shoulder. It's been intermittently nagging at me for years, but thanks to his help I now have a good handle on... read more

    Craig Stanley 8/05/2019
    Manojen Manikkarajan Avatar

    I have been working with Samy for the past 10 months. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He takes the time to demonstrate the exercises and explains how it... read more

    Manojen Manikkarajan 8/05/2019
  • Maurice Charlebois Avatar

    I was referred to Synergy (Danforth Ave) with lower back and hip pain in March of this year. Jesse was quickly able to determine that the underlying cause of... read more

    Maurice Charlebois 8/05/2019
    Basim AlSalah Avatar

    Having been diagnosed with a Frozen Shoulder, a year and a half ago, a painful year and a half, coupled with 2 failing attempt at physiotherapy that was mostly machine... read more

    Basim AlSalah 8/05/2019
    Rich Anton Avatar

    My son and I experienced knee pain and were treated by Mitch and samy. The care of these physiotherapists was excellent. We both made a full recovery sooner than expected... read more

    Rich Anton 7/05/2019
  • Megha Bhavsar Avatar

    I sought the help of Synergy Sports by referral from my personal trainer after experiencing lots of pain in the back of my shoulder. Working with Mitchell was a great... read more

    Megha Bhavsar 7/05/2019
    Ajani Oldacre Avatar

    As a former Football Varsity Athlete in University I'm so happy to have found Synergy Sports Medicine. I visit both locations. The staff (Mitch, Paul, David, Darryl & Dr. Awan)... read more

    Ajani Oldacre 7/05/2019
    Bill Kennedy Avatar

    Mitch is taking excellent care of my knee. He was able to explain exactly what happened and what to do about it now. We also had a good... read more

    Bill Kennedy 7/05/2019
  • Laila Kharouba Avatar

    Synergy and Jesse Awenus has truly saved my life and back. I am recovering from a pinched L5 nerve and Jesse has been so incredibly helpful in explaining the injury... read more

    Laila Kharouba 7/05/2019
    Jovana Yudin Avatar

    Before I get into the positive experience that I have had at Synergy with Jesse, I would like to openly state that I am a very tough critic. I happen... read more

    Jovana Yudin 7/05/2019
    [deleted user] Rebecca May Avatar

    Mitchell Starkman helped me recover from a very serious neck and back injury. Every time I saw him I got a bit better and slowly but surely I have recovered.... read more

    [deleted user] Rebecca May 6/05/2019
  • Paul Platt Avatar

    I was very impressed with the quality of care I received. The Synergy team took the time to listen to my issues and investigate them thoroughly. I think it was... read more

    Paul Platt 6/05/2019

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