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Empowering through movement

We are Synergy Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

At Synergy, we are changing the sports medicine clinic model because we care about your long-term recovery. By incorporating Synergy Movement Therapy, massage therapy, and mindfulness practice, our physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic patients have seen groundbreaking long-term outcomes that have hundreds of Toronto doctors referring their cases to us.

Why we work

investigate + empathy + exercise

Synergy was born out of one question: “Why are motivated patients, after years of ‘traditional’ rehab methods, unable to get better?”

Dr. Raza Awan wasn’t satisfied with the idea that some patients get better while others, simply don’t. After years of exploring different treatments on himself and his patients, he noticed a common thread: lack of good movement instruction was holding his patients back from complete recovery. When Dr. Awan began to incorporate the practices of Pilates teacher, Riki Richter, he immediately saw great improvement in his own condition as well as the recovery of his patients.

In 2011, Dr. Awan and Richter joined forces to create a new, comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach that unifies movement therapy with clinical treatment: Movement-Based Rehabilitation. Movement-Based Rehabilitation (MBR) combines Pilates and specialized, exercise-based rehab classes with physiotherapy and sports medicine. MBR changes the way patients heal because it changes the way they move. MBR builds body awareness and it reduces the chance of recurring injuries.

Treatment plans as unique as you are

experience + innovation + you

Rehab care can often feel like you’re just another number in an assembly line of problems. At Synergy, we pride ourselves on shifting the paradigm. We provide holistic and comprehensive treatment tailored specifically to your needs and your goals. You’ll see a registered physiotherapist who has extensive post-graduate training in multiple areas of study as well as specialization in your area of concern.

We spend our time with you. None of that 15-minute poke-and-prod common in the sports medicine world. Our assessments and follow up appointments are patient-focused, providing you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to put you in control of a speedy and sustained recovery.

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Synergy is teamwork

We are a growing team of talented clinicians and support staff. With two locations to choose from, you can always expect dedication and commitment to your health and recovery.