Learn More About Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments

After a thorough movement-based assessment and subjective history, your therapist and yourself will come up with a plan that works for you. Movement-Based Rehab is our model and Empowering Through Movement is our motto. Our goal is to have you return to the activity and lifestyle of your choice.

If you scheduled a Virtual Appointment

When you schedule a Virtual Physiotherapy Session, Virtual Chiropractic Session or Virtual Movement Session, you will receive an email confirmation from Jane. On the day of your appointment, you will receive another email with a link to join your virtual session. Simply click the link in the email to connect to your scheduled appointment.

If you scheduled a Virtual Movement Session

You will also receive a welcome email from Embodia that looks like the image below (depending on your email settings it may be in your Junk Folder). If you have taken any of our Synergy Movement Classes you will already have an Embodia account and just need to sign in. If you have never signed up to Embodia before, there will be a temporary password in the email, which you need to use to sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the technology complicated?

Joining our virtual care sessions takes exactly one click! We go through the process of creating a profile for you and setting up the video calling software behind the scenes. When your appointment time rolls around, the process is as simple as clicking on a link in your email to be instantly connected to your virtual appointment.

Don’t I need manual therapy to get better?

The benefits of manual therapy to your recovery are undeniable. Luckily, there are plenty of self-release/self-massage techniques using household objects like tennis balls that you can use to manage tight and sore areas. While they may not replace how hands-on treatment feels, it can be a great way to get the quick relief you need to help you move forward with your recovery plan.

Don’t I need to have equipment at home?

It can be tough to adjust to a lack of exercise equipment, especially if you’re used to a full selection of weights and machines at the gym. The good news is that your body can be strengthened, stretched and mobilized with little to no equipment. Also, we have strong research that suggests you can maintain or even enhance muscle growth at much lower weights or loads than what you’re used to, if the exercises you do are sufficiently challenging and are repeated for long enough. Your therapist can help put together the right program to help meet those requirements.

How can a virtual appointment help when I already have a hard time getting my exercises done at home?

Here’s a simple counterpoint: what better way to help you find ways to get you on your recovery plan than to have someone walk you through your exercises from the comfort of your home – where your equipment is within arm’s reach and with real-time feedback how best to perform your home exercises?

Is a virtual appointment secure?

Synergy uses virtual platforms that are designed for health care. Your privacy is just as protected as when you attend an in-person appointment at one of our clinics.