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Synergy Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is your solution to finally breaking through the pain and discomfort you’ve been carrying around. We are Toronto’s top sports medicine practitioners, movement therapists, physiotherapists, and wellness clinicians…and our results prove it.

You can walk away from years of pain, avoid unnecessary surgery, and go on to live a life filled with vitality and freedom of movement. Our integrative movement-based rehabilitation will help you become stronger, fitter, and more like yourself than you’ve been in years.

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Sports medicine like you’ve never seen before

At Synergy, we know that every body is a bit different. That’s why your recovery plan is always uniquely designed, just for you. From Physiotherapy to Chiropractic care, from Osteopathy to Massage Therapy, our innovative treatment plans will increase your strength, mobility, and freedom of movement.

Empowering Through Movement

The first step toward a full recovery is understanding how to overcome any underlying issues that may have slowed your rehabilitation. Our Pilates and Movement Therapy Programs are designed to build strength, prevent recurring injuries, and emphasize the kind of long-term results you’ve been looking for.

Understand your body and reclaim your life.

We’re innovative because we love a good success story.

We are driven by your results

Our clinicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and some of the top sports medicine specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. They know that no matter how tough your case may be or how many doctors you’ve seen before coming to Synergy, you can dramatically improve your quality of life by learning how to move properly.

Get moving again with Synergy

​We operate at the cross-section of education, empowerment, and approachable clinical medicine. We are motivated by results, we thrive under a challenge, and we don’t quit.

Your long-term health is important, to you and to us. Whether you’re with us for one session or longer, you can count on the Synergy team to work with you toward a body that moves freer and easier.