Synergy Movement Therapist

West End (235 Wallace Avenue)

Ophelia Marshall

Practice style (Philosophy)

Ophelia participated in several competitive sports, primarily gymnastics and track and field. After suffering several injuries that required her to stop competing, she wanted to maintain fitness as a priority without pushing her body to the limits. This led her to explore a range of specialized treatments and clinicians that encompass sports medicine to get her back to her active lifestyle. In her practice, she focuses on how to help individuals deal with back pain, as it is a common problem that will affect most of the population during their lives. She teaches Synergy’s 4-week Back Care program and offers private 1-on-1 sessions.

Unique Facts

Ophelia joined Synergy as part of their dynamic front desk team in 2021. Through her own experience, she was able to return to running, group classes, strength training and dancing regularly without worry about risking injury. When the opportunity to take the Rehabilitative Pilates Mat Teacher training became available, she signed up enthusiastically to learn the tools to help others get back to the activities they once enjoyed in a safe intentional way. Ophelia’s passions include travel, meditation/mindfulness, food, reading, fashion, volunteering and music.

  • Business Degree
  • Marketing Diploma

  • Rehabilitative Pilates Mat


Pilates Mat Certificate January 2023