Still unsure about virtual care?

We understand completely.

It can be daunting to undergo such a sudden change in your care after being used to in-person visits likely your whole life!

Having worked with patients virtually over the past month or so, I wanted to share personal experiences that may help clarify what to expect in a virtual session, and dispel 5 common concerns (many of these were shared to me personally by patients) that may have you hesitating to try virtual physiotherapy.


1. The technology sounds too complicated.

Joining our virtual care sessions takes exactly one click! We go through the process of creating a profile for you and setting up the video calling software behind the scenes. When your appointment time rolls around, the process is as simple as clicking on a link in your email to be instantly connected to your physiotherapist.

2. It isn’t possible to accurately assess or measure anything without a hands-on session.

The reality is that the special tests we use our hands for can be helpful at pinpointing or provoking your pain, but they only make up a small portion of our diagnostic skills. We come to a better understanding of your problem by hearing your story, watching you move, and if needed, have you press and poke where it hurts.


3. I need manual therapy to get better.

The benefits of manual therapy to your recovery are undeniable. Luckily, there are plenty of self-release/self-massage techniques using household objects like tennis balls that you can use to manage tight and sore areas. While they may not replace how hands-on treatment feels, it can be a great way to get the quick relief you need to help you move forward with your recovery plan.


4. I don’t have any equipment at home.

It can be tough to adjust to a lack of exercise equipment, especially if you’re used to a full selection of weights and machines at the gym. The good news is that your body can be strengthened, stretched and mobilized with little to no equipment. Also, we have strong research that suggests you can maintain or even enhance muscle growth at much lower weights or loads than what you’re used to, if the exercises you do are sufficiently challenging and are repeated for long enough. Your physiotherapist can help put together the right program to help meet those requirements.


5. I already have a hard time getting my exercises done at home.

Here’s a simple counterpoint: what better way to help you find ways to get you on your recovery plan than to have someone walk you through your exercises from the comfort of your home – where your equipment is within arm’s reach and with real-time feedback on exactly how to do your exercises to perfection?

If you’re still unsure about if virtual physiotherapy is right for you, our physiotherapist Samy Shash is offering a FREE 10-minute demo sessions. You will have the opportunity to see how the software works and get any remaining questions answered!

To claim yours simply give the clinic a ring at (416) 551-8715!

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